January 23, 2017

Michelberger Music moments

This past October, Damien took part in Michelberger Music, a special event where those invited participate in an independent, artist–driven, commercial–free collaborative musical gathering at the Michelberger Hotel and Funkhaus in Berlin.

Everyone only saw a fraction of what was happening simultaneously at Michelberger Music.

Thanks to a team of camera & recording people, some moment have been captured to share with others. See below for videos featuring Damien:

Back To Her Man (Homage to Leonard Cohen):


"It Takes A Lot To Know A Man" (A Capella Rehearsal with Cantus Domus Choir)


Folk Circle (ft. Erlend Øye, Sam Amidon, Damien Rice, Justin Vernon, O, Ragnar Kjartansson)

Collaboration with Dancers (Ft. Moira Cappilli & Jessica Dessner / Damien Rice, This is the Kit, Rozi Plain, Mina Tindle, Olivier Marguerit, Emma Broughton)

Head over to People Radio (link: Peoplerad.io), a direct link to the music of the fall week and all the music to come out of what has been started. It's a constant stream of music by all the artists involved in at Michelberger Music from the rehearsal, the jam sessions, and the shows... no skipping, like an eternal sound carpet.


Photo: The Folk Circle at Funkhaus (Ft. Erlend Øye, Sam Amidon, Damien Rice, Justin Vernon, O, Ragnar

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January 9, 2017

Canciones de Cuna

“Canciones de Cuna” is the first album produced by the nonprofit organization Casa de la Cultura de la Calle. The organization, created by Gastón Pauls in 2004, provides vulnerable children with activities and art workshops such as theatre, music and visual arts. The album contains 17 songs co-written by children aged 7 to 21 who took part in the artistic proposals provided to them by the organization.

“The proposal was to write texts, songs, ideas and tales related to their dreams, the songs they remember being sung to them and those they would like to sing to their own children. Something simple, something short, a lullaby”, explains Nicolas

Pauls, executive producer of the CD.

Damien was honored to be a part of the project, helping bring to life a poem called “Look At Me” by a young mother in Argentina named Nayeli A-Z.

Nayeli A-Z was 16 years old and lived together with her little son in the Eva Duarte Home of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was there that she began to participate in the Workshops of Artistic Expression, Theater and Music at Casa de la Cultura de la Calle.

In 2009, the NGO invited all the children and young people participating in its Art Workshops to write about what they felt or what they would like to hear when they went to sleep. All of the lyrics were presented to a group of Argentine and international musicians summoned by Nicolás and Gastón Pauls to help create an album of Lullabies.

Two of Nayeli A-Z's poems would go on to be transformed into songs: "No me llore tanto", chosen by Ricardo Mollo and "Look at me", selected by Fito Páez and Damien Rice.

For Nayeli A-Z, writing is a necessary expression that has accompanied her since the age of 9. To this day, she continues participating in the Projects of House of the Culture of the Street as a collaborator and author.

The album was first released in 2011 and is now available digitally:





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December 16, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Recording in Reykjavík. Heading home to Ireland for the holidays to join Glen Hansard & friends for some music to help the homeless. Last night Home Sweet Home Ireland took over an empty government building (Apollo House, Poolbeg St) to give homeless people shelter
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November 18, 2016

An homage to Leonard Cohen

Backstage, sound checked, doors opened -

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August 5, 2016

Brainstorming at Funkhaus

No words feel right to describe what may happen in Berlin in October. Perhaps because we have no idea what will happen. 2 days, 80 artists. Honoured to be part of the experiment. Yesterday we spent the day brainstorming at Funkhaus with the Michelbergers. http://michelbergermusic.com